Free Wirral Sunset Walks

A lone hiker stands looking into the setting sun on Hilbre Island at the mouth of the River Dee, Wirral.

Ask anyone who lives on the Wirral about the sunsets here and you’ll get the same answer: breathtaking!

There’s nothing quite like the open sea, a wind farm and dramatic skies to create beautiful views almost every day.

So every Tuesday throughout the summer I’m offering Free gratuity based guided sunset walks out across the sands around Hilbre (tide & weather permitting), I mean who wouldn’t want a free photography workshop in one of the most beautiful places on the Wirral?

Join me for a night of fresh air, beautiful skies & incredible photography.

The Routes

I am running four main routes, Hilbre, Hoylake Beach, Hoylake Shipwreck and New Brighton Lighthouse click below to read more about each route.

How does it work

Dates, times and meeting locations for each of my walks will be posted on this page. Fill in the booking form here to confirm your place and then meet up at the location shown (you’ll spot me with my Tripod setup usually wearing a bright orange jacket, rucksack & camera) and be ready for an enjoyable walk out across the sands.

The routes usually last between 2/3 hours catching as much of the setting sun as we can before returning to the start location just before dark.

As the walks are gratuity based there is no upfront fee, just pay however much you feel the walk was worth to you at the end of the evening with no expectation. This gratuity-based idea allows guests to ensure that the walk fits within their expectations, and within their budget.

Please Note: I can only take up to 10 people currently and I’ll operate on a first come first served basis on the day, please the button below to book on. I will accept walk-ups on the day but priority is always given to those who book ahead of time.

Essential equipment you’ll need
  • Both routes cross wet tidal sands so wellies are a must, though walking boots are fine as long as you don’t mind the possibility of wet feet.
  • Camera / Camera Phone.
  • Suitable clothing for the weather, remember it gets cold after the sun sets.
Recommended but Not Essential
  • Food / Drink
  • Tripod
  • Filters
  • Change of Lenses
  • Torch
  • Other camera accessories (eg trigger remote), lensball
  • Picnic / Picnic Blanket / Ring for Sunset Proposals…
Book A Free Sunset Walk


My sunset walks are offered on a free gratuity basis, which means there is no upfront fee. All I ask is that you consider paying me however much you feel the walk was worth to you at the end of the evening.

Do I need to Pre-Book?

In general yes please. I limit my routes to 10 people on a sunset walk so I will take the first 10 people to pre-book, then any that arrive on the day if there is space. Pre-booking ensures you’re definitely able to take part and won’t have a wasted journey. To pre-book a free sunset walk, please click below.

Bad Weather

Although the intention is to try and see the sunset I can’t guarantee the weather will play ball. If the weather looks like rain/storms then the walks may need to be cancelled. If you’ve booked on I will let you know on the day if the walk is going ahead, otherwise, cancellations will be shown above so it’s best to check this page before you head out to meet me.

I’m a member of a photography group, can we book a sunset walk en-masse?

My free walks are designed to give a range of people the opportunity to enjoy a walk together along with others of various standards, also as I am offering them for no upfront fee there is a greater risk for me if a group books but then for whatever reason does not attend. For these reasons, I don’t accept group bookings for my sunset walks. If your group would like to book their own photowalk I am more than happy to run a sunset walk on one of my existing routes just for your group at £15pp up to a maximum group size of 10. If you are interested in this option please get in touch. Exclusive group walks have a minimum requirement of 4 people.

Terms and Conditions

Participants will be required to sign in to confirm they have agreed to the following terms and conditions before the walks commence.

All participants must be over the age of 18 to take part.

Although I will be leading the route we walk, you are responsible for your own safety and equipment for the duration of the route. I cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of equipment or injury to self.

To ensure safety, if adverse weather conditions are forecast the walk may need to be cancelled. This will be detailed on my website so please check before heading down to the start location.

Along with checking weather conditions before the day, I will also review conditions throughout the evening and may decide to change the route if the weather/tide requires it. There are some routes that are not safe in some conditions and so I cannot guarantee visiting any requested location.

Covid-19 Restrictions – If a local or national travel ban is in place during the date of a walk please do not travel outside of your permitted area. Current restrictions require that groups cannot be larger than 6 people. If these conditions change group sizes may be able to increase.