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Looking across to Hilbre Island from Middle Eye as the sun begins to set.

The beautiful Hilbre Island stands at the mouth of the River Dee overlooking the Irish Sea, surrounded by inquisitive grey seals; I challenge you to find a more peaceful way to watch the setting sun.

Many people walk out to Hilbre Island, but few stay for sunset. This walk takes in the beauty of this little island off the coast of West Kirby, with views out across the Irish Sea and up and down the North West Coast. Watch the sunset, listen to the haunting sounds of the seals, and take beautiful photographs!

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The Route

The route starts from West Kirby Sailing School at the end of Dee Lane and follows the Coastguard-approved route out to Little Eye, we then turn towards Hilbre Island making our way across the seaweed-covered rocks to Middle Eye.

During the summer months, we’ll stay around here for Golden Hour, taking shots of Hilbre before finishing the evening at the old Lifeboat Station as the sun sets far out to sea.

We then make our way back to our starting point via Middle Eye.

In Winter the route is much the same, however, we return across the beach a little earlier, watching the sunset from Little Eye / West Kirby.

So whether it’s your first time picking up a camera or you know every setting in detail we’ll find great shots together as the sun sets in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I know.

Had a wonderful evening on the sunset walk to Hilbre Island. Liam is very knowledgeable and extremely approachable without being ‘ in your face’ we were given plenty of time to just chat and enjoy the walk as well as tips and hints for great photos. Will definitely join him again and recommend to friends.

Debbie, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed on this walk? – Yes, well behaved dogs are welcome but they must be kept on a lead once we reach the islands as there are nesting/migrating sea birds in the area.

How far is this walk? – Appoximately 4.5 miles in total

Will we have to walk in the dark? – We will depart Hilbre just after sunset walking in twilight for most of the walk back, it is usually dark by the time we reach West Kirby.

Is this walk safe? What about the tide? – All my walks are planned around the tides to ensure we are not cut off and return safely to shore. I run these walks year round taking hundreds of people a year out to Hilbre ensuring I know the latest tidal conditions and safest routes. I do point out to every group that there are some slippery rocks and cliffs on the far edge of Middle Eye that you need to be aware of but generally the route is across flat tidal sands so relatively safe.

What if it’s raining, will the walk still go ahead? – I monitor the weather forecast in the run up to every walk and will cancel if the weather is not suitable, please keep an eye on your email inbox for weather updates the day before your walk.

Are there toilets available on Hilbre Island? – Yes, there are composting toilets on Hilbre, however I cannot guarentee they will be open in low season (Autumn/Winter)

How much is a suitable tip? – This is completely up to you but please consider the time it takes to organise and run these walks as well as the knowledge and experience you gain during the evening. As a guide most people tend to give between £10-£15pp.

Terms and Conditions

By booking and attending a Neon Light Photography Walk you signal that you agree to the following terms and conditions:

My walks are adult only, all participants must be over the age of 18 to take part.

Although I will be leading the route we walk, you are responsible for your own safety and equipment for the duration of the route. I cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of equipment or injury to self.

To ensure safety, if adverse weather conditions are forecast the walk may need to be cancelled/postponed. This will be detailed by email so please check before heading down to the start location.

Along with checking weather conditions before the day, I will also review conditions throughout the walk and may decide to change the route if the weather/tide requires it. There are some routes that are not safe in some conditions and so I cannot guarantee visiting any requested location.

Though offered for Free, cancellations at short notice are very difficult to fill, therefore if cancelling within 5 days of the walk / workshop please can I ask you to consider a £5pp donation to cover my costs, this is voluntary but encouraged.

Covid-19 Restrictions – If a local or national travel ban is in place during the date of a walk please do not travel outside of your permitted area. Due to current isolation guidelines, please do not attend a walk if you have tested positive for COVID19 within 5 days of the walk.

*Free Neon Light Photowalks are offered for no upfront fee, all I ask is that participants consider paying whatever they feel the walk was worth to them at the end of the walk with no expectation. This gratuity-based system allows guests to ensure that the walk fits within their expectations, and within their budget. To cover the cost of late cancellations, if you are unable to attend a walk you have booked please can I ask you to consider a £5 donation. Details on how to give this donation are included in your booking confirmation and booking cancellation emails.