Free New Brighton Sunset Walk

Sunsets, a Lighthouse and a UNESCO World Heritage site in one walk!

The longest of my routes, but only just. This one takes in the Liverpool Waterfront at golden hour then walks up along the coast to New Brighton to catch a sunset at the Lighthouse.

Depending on tides the route will either follow the sea wall or go along the beach for a refreshing route along the Wirral.

The Route

This route starts at Seacombe Ferry terminal with some shots of the Liverpool Waterfront as we make our way towards the Wallasey Town Hall.

From there we follow the sea wall along the coast, past The Ferry pub and Black Pearl before arriving in New Brighton in time for sunset at the Lighthouse.

We then return along the same route back to our starting position for some nighttime shots of the Liverpool Waterfront.

Upcoming Dates

  • 29th June, 7.30pm
  • 20th July, 7pm
  • 28th September, 5pm

Book a walk

I only take up to 10 people on my sunset walks and this one is only run a couple of times a year so booking is a must! Click below and complete the booking form to ensure you’re booked onto your desired walk date.


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