Free Hilbre Island Sunset Walks

A lone hiker stands looking into the setting sun on Hilbre Island at the mouth of the River Dee, Wirral.

Watch the setting sun from Hilbre Island

My absolute favourite & most popular route, it never disappoints!

Many people walk out to Hilbre Island, but few stay for sunset. This walk takes in the beauty of this little island off the coast of West Kirby, with views out across the Irish sea and up and down the North West Coast. Watch the sun set, listen to the haunting sounds of the seals and take beautiful photographs!

The Route

The route starts from Riversdale road West Kirby and follows the Coastguard approved route out to Little Eye, we then turn towards Hilbre Island making our way across the seaweed-covered rocks to Middle Eye.

We’ll stay around here for Golden Hour, taking shots of Hilbre before finishing the evening at the old Lifeboat Station as the sun sets far out to sea.

We then make our way back to our starting point via Middle Eye.

For an extra special treat, on the 3rd August & 1st September, the route will go out over high tide meaning you get to experience being surrounded by the tide before watching the sunset and returning as the tide goes out.

So whether it’s your first time picking up a camera or you know every setting in detail we’ll find great shots together as the sun sets in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I know.

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I only take up to 10 people on my sunset walks this route is very popular so booking is a must! Click below and complete the booking form to ensure you’re booked onto your desired walk date.

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