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Welcome to Neon Light

Welcome to Neon Light Photography. I’m a photographer based on the Wirral with a passion for the great outdoors. I believe there is nothing better for the soul than soaking in the beauty of our planet, everyone can take great photos, it just requires practice and the right subjects. From sunsets and coastlines to sunrises on mountain tops, I’m here to guide you through the world of photography.

Photography Walks and Workshops

If the 2019 pandemic taught me anything, it’s the mental health benefits of being out and about in the countryside enjoying landscape photography. I believe passionately that landscape photography is a great way to relax, take in the world around us and exercise our creative sides. So I’m determined to help people develop the skills needed to safely get out in the great outdoors and take incredible photographs by running regular PhotoWalks, PhotoHikes and workshops.

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Follow the golden jacket...

I'm Liam, you're local photography guide, I've been running walks and workshops now for over 5 years, helping hundreds of walkers experience the great outdoors and always wearing my distinctive gold/yellow jacket!

I started this journey wanting to help those struggling with their mental health following the 2019 pandemic to get out into our countryside, using their cameras as an excuse to explore and I'm now heading into my 5th year!

My workshops are for everyone, beginners to experts, we'll always find something amazing to photograph together!

So whether you're new to photography or an experienced shooter, book one of my walks today, follow the golden jacket, and lets take great photos!

Neon Light Photowalks

Liam O'Malley

Summer Solstice on Moel Famau

What a beautiful way to enjoy the longest day of the year, on top of Moel Famau in North Wales. Photographing a location like this in conditions like this can be a challenge. On top of the very bright sun and extreme contrast of the shadows, you also have the “problem” of multiple people milling about enjoying the sunset. So how do you go about finding compositions in situations like this? … Continue readingSummer Solstice on Moel Famau

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Liam O'Malley

Aurora West Kirby

The natural light show of the Aurora Borealis lights up the skies behind the war memorial on Caldy Hill. I don’t think I have ever audibly shouted wow at my

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