Free Hoylake Beach Sunset Walk

A relaxing walk across the sands off Hoylake.

The most laid back of my routes, just sand, sea and beautiful sunsets.

This walk is a perfect opportunity to explore the huge open space that is Hoylake beach. This route goes out to meet the sea and finishes watching the sunset from Red Rocks.

The Route

The route is a simple one, we set off from the slipway at Kings Gap and walk almost straight out across the sand until we hit the tide at the edge of the sand bank. We’ll follow the tide along towards Hilbre Island then head back inland towards Red Rocks to watch the sunset itself.

Finally we return along the shore to our starting point at Kings Gap. A leisurely walk with beautiful views of Hoylake, Hilbre Island and on a good day, the North Wales Coast.

Upcoming Dates

  • 22nd June, 8pm
  • 6th July, 8pm
  • 17th August, 7pm
  • 14th September, 6pm

Book a walk

I only take up to 10 people on my sunset walks and this one is only run a couple of times a year so booking is a must! Click below and complete the booking form to ensure you’re booked onto your desired walk date.


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