Hoylake Shipwreck Sunset Walk

Walk straight out to sea at low tide from the new Hoylake lifeboat station and what do you find about 1mile off shore? The remains of a large shipwreck! Add in a beautiful Wirral Sunset and boy do you have a subject to die for!

A unique Wirral subject to photograph.

One of my absolute favourite sunset routes! This is a walk 1 mile straight out across the sands at Hoylake to the mysterious unknown Hoylake shipwreck. No one knows which ship was wrecked here but the large remains are an incredible sight. The wreck first appeared in 2010 and has been slowly emerging from the sands as tide reveals more and more of it.

The Route

The route is a simple one, we set off from the slipway at Kings Gap and walk almost straight out across the sand, intersecting the route Hoylake Lifeboat take when heading out to sea.

We then turn and head straight for the receding water descending the sandbanks until we reach the sea and the remains of the mysterious Hoylake shipwreck.

We’ll then spend the rest of the evening looking for interesting compositions as the sun sets before heading back along the same route to return to Kings Gap.

Upcoming Dates

  • 27th July 2021, 19:30pm
  • 24th August 2012, 19:00pm

Book a walk

I only take up to 10 people on my sunset walks and this one is only run a couple of times a year so booking is a must! Click below and complete the booking form to ensure you’re booked onto your desired walk date.


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