Durham Street Photography

One of the areas of Photography I’m least confident with is Street Photography, but it’s always a good idea to push yourself and focus on the areas you’re least confident with. With this in mind I spent a morning wandering round the streets of Durham in the North East looking for some interesting compositions.

I guess the biggest issue I have with street photography is finding compositions, I guess I’m more used to the slower compositions of wide landscapes and vistas. Even so I still think I managed to find some nice shots, I hope you like them.

I then made sure to sync my development settings across the multiple shots to ensure they all have the same tones, highlighting the warm browns of the stonework. If you find processing your images a challenge and don’t know when to start, why not consider my new remote post-processing service. I’ll help you work through your processing and suggest new ways to process your images with a free 30minutes no obligation consultation to ensure you’re happy. For more information on this new service please click here.

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