Talacre Beach Sand Dunes

This week I returned to the lighthouse here on Talacre Beach at the Point of Ayr, North Wales. It was very different to the last time I visited last summer with the tide high and the sun setting, it gave me a great opportunity to try out some new views of the lighthouse amongst the dunes.

The sun lights the sky from behind a dark bank of clouds behind the lighthouse at the Point of Ayr.

It’s a great practice to push yourself sometimes, to go to locations at different times and see how compositions change. The dunes and tide here is a great example. Normally I would choose a day with low wind and low tide to allow water to pool around the lighthouse and create reflections, but this day was the complete opposite.

With this in mind, I took some time to circle the lighthouse to see it from all directions, through the dunes the grass and then finally onto the beach for the last of the sunset itself. Indeed one of my favourite shots was standing in the waves getting nice and low to create a look that feels as if you’re floating on the sea itself.

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