The Angel of the North

A little something different from me this week as I took a trip up to the North East for a business project. How could I drive all that way and not take a look at one of the North East’s most famous pieces of artwork, the Angel of the North. Fortunately, the light was just right, bathing the back of the statues wings with beautiful light as the sun set.

One thing it showed me was how much my ability to find compositions and get my setting right has improved over the last few months as I would never have gotten shots like these last year.

It also shows me that anyone can improve if you put in the time and effort to learn, so if you’d like help with your photography I’d like to help you get to the next level. From free sunset walks to full-day photo workshops and remote editing sessions, I’m here to help.

Of course, If you’re just here for my photos then I hope you love these new shots.

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