A walk along Leasowe shore

I’ve always found the area around Leasowe Lighthouse a challenge. From the plain white lighthouse to the surrounding grass banks and the sea wall, it can be hard to find interesting compositions. It’s good however to challenge yourself and so this week I decided to see what I could find before sunset.

Looking through the slats of a bird hide that looks back to the lighthouse at Leasowe on the northern coast of the Wirral Peninsula.

At first, the day was bright and sunny, creating a harsh light against the walls of the tower, but then as the evening went on the clouds came in and created warm golden light on the foreshore. I felt the lighthouse suited black and white shots then tried a trick to create a mirror with my phone screen. Later on I went down onto the shore itself to catch as much of the light as I could.

Overall a good evening despite the conditions, You can see all my shots from the night below.

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