Autumn lockdowns & the last trip into Wales

As we move into winter and the country seems to be heading back into weeks of lockdowns I took the last opportunity to take a walk into Wales last week.

Being in one of the Tier 3 locations in Merseyside means that I’m now locked down on the Wirral but not before an early morning Autumn Walk. I headed out to Nant Mill near Wrexham to see what autumn sights I could see as the sun came up. I was hoping for a cold crisp morning with a little mist, but that didn’t appear. I still managed to find a few nice autumnal shots though.

The woodland here is a beautiful place to walk, with winding paths and the river running through the valley.

So for now this will be my last trip into Wales, at least until they open up the country again. So keep a lookout for shots featuring the Wirral in the next couple of weeks and don’t forget my 2021 Wall Calendar is on sale now for only £5.99.

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