New Brighton, Murals and Lockdowns

So being on the Wirral means we are now effectively in Lockdown. Hopefully, it won’t be for long but it’s disappointing for a photographer who wants to be out taking pictures of autumn colours!

Of course, it means focussing back on the Wirral itself so I’ve started in New Brighton. I’ve been wanting to get some nice shots of the “Unsung Heroes” Mural in New Brighton since I saw it revealed. The Mural is of “Modest Mike” Jones, a local RNLI volunteer who’s been volunteering for over 40 years at New Brighton. Unsung Heroes is a mural painted by Smug One, an Australian artist based in Glasgow who specialises in Photo-realistic Graffiti. You really have to visit the artwork to see the scale and detail, it’s incredible!

Whilst in New Brighton I also took a walk down to Fort Perch Rock to take an obligatory Lighthouse Shot. Today I was able to get a more unique shot with the addition of a piece of driftwood buried in the sand. I like how the curves of the wood made a stark contrast with the white smooth lines of the lighthouse in the background.

I was also very pleased to sell a large canvas print of Aberdaron on Photo4Me this week, you can see my full portfolio on Photo4Me by clicking here.

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