Calm before the storm at the Royal Liverpool Golf Course

We have had some dramatic skies and stormy weather on the Wirral over the last few days. I took the opportunity of a break in the cloud to spend a couple of hours walking across Royal Liverpool Golf Course armed with my Pentax K-s2 of course.

As the sun slowly sank, the sky turned a dark yellow colour and thunder clouds gathered behind the clubhouse. At one point the effect of incoming rain and a setting sun behind, created a faint rainbow above the clubhouse.

As the night wore on and with thunder rumbling I made a retreat, but not before having some fun with a basket of golf balls that had been left laying around from the driving range.

I had the idea of trying to make it look like someone had been taking shot after shot attempting to get the balls into the hole but kept missing. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the timing right between the timer on my camera and throwing the balls to get them to appear in shot, one for another time maybe.

Finally I made my way back along the public footpath at the front of the clubhouse and made my way back to the main road.

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