Last of the light over the Liverpool Waterfront

Another perfect day to take Liverpool Photographs; this week I decided to go to Woodside and see what I could see across the river at sun set. I love this view across the Mersey and could spend days looking over at the Liver Buildings taking photographs of Liverpool. I started at Woodside and walked along towards Monks Ferry, stopping to descend the slipway to get as close to the water as possible.

As I stood with my tripod on the slipway, failing to keep my feet dry from the rising tide, I suddenly heard a snort from over my shoulder coming from the water. A passing seal gave me a cursory glace as it floated only a couple of metres or so away. It’s lovely to see wildlife wherever you are, but especially so in a river that used to have a reputation for being dirty. No so anymore, a lovely surprise that just adds an extra smile to a day taking photographs.

One of the things I love about Liverpool Photography is that the view changes so dramatically as the sun sets. From deep orange to blue and eventually black, the bright white buildings reflecting the colours in the sky. The sun caused created a dramatic reflection directly off the front of The Lexington like a giant orange mirror. The building, a skyscraper currently being constructed, forms part of the Liverpool Waters project.

Ending the evening I moved back up the river to Seacombe Ferry. I took some shots with the sky turning a dark muted rainbow of colour before the waterfront lights came on. At 9pm the evening light show on the Liver Building gave a perfect end to the day.

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