Liverpool Indie Choir at the Bombed out Church

The Liverpool Indie Choir performing in the grounds of St Lukes, the bombed out church in Liverpool.

I had a great afternoon watching the Liverpool Indie Choir perform at St Luke’s in Liverpool (the bombed out church for those who know the city) it was a beautiful sunny day and although that always plays havoc with pesky shadows it was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Filling a venue like this is always a challenge and I was really impressed with how good the choir sounded, the songs went down really well with the audience with my favourite being Elbows “One Day Like This”.

I hope the choir themselves like the shots below, please get in contact if anyone would like any prints!

2 thoughts on “Liverpool Indie Choir at the Bombed out Church

  1. Sarsh says:

    Beautiful pictures Liam. Could you let me know how much per print please?
    Thanks so much

    1. Liam O'Malley
      Liam O'Malley says:

      Hi Sarah, of course, I offer two main options, the cheapest for a 4″ x 6″ print is 75p per print, or a premium quality print is £1.50 per image. If anyone wants a larger image that’s no problem, please just email me and I can sort something for you. I can also offer framed prints and canvasses too if anyone want those.


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