Summer Solstice on Moel Famau

Looking across at the windfarm just before the sun dropped below the cloud bank on Hilbre Island.

What a beautiful way to enjoy the longest day of the year, on top of Moel Famau in North Wales. Photographing a location like this in conditions like this can be a challenge. On top of the very bright sun and extreme contrast of the shadows, you also have the “problem” of multiple people milling about enjoying the sunset. So how do you go about finding compositions in situations like this?

My approach begins with a full circle of your subject, looking at it from every angle you can, where is it illuminated?, where is it in shadow?, where does the light create interesting shapes and features? Can I obstruct some of the distraction with foreground shapes or other objects? can height help me?

All of these questions can lead you to new perspectives and reveal new ways to shoot your subject.

I also try to make a mental note of where the light is likely to go as the sun sets and try and shoot the things that the light is best for at the right time. For example, early in the evening the silhouette on the hill made for a great subject with people walking back and forth, but by the end of the evening I wanted to shoot the light on the steps at the top of the tower instead.

I hope you like my shots!

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