Wirral Landscape Photography

The Wirral Peninsula in Merseyside on the North West Coast of England has so many beautiful vistas; Wirral Landscape Photography is so wonderfully varied.

You can shoot across the River Dee to Wales, or across The River Mersey to the World Heritage Site of Liverpool and out to the Irish Sea. Inland there are parks and common land to walk through with quaint villages and seaside towns.

I’ve lived on the Wirral for most of my life, it’s where I run most of my photo walks and I love living here!

Wirral Photographic Prints

You can purchase any of my Wirral landscape photography shots as a photographic print by clicking below.

A windsurfer sails across the waves on a blustery marine lake, West Kirby as the sun sets over North Wales.
Rain clouds drop from stormy skies behind the lighthouse at New Brighton on the Wirral.
A cold winters sky is reflected in the waters surrounding Little Eye, the smallest of the three Hilbre Islands off the coast of West Kirby on the Wirral.
A lone walker stands atop the rock steps that lead up onto middle eye looking at the moon above.
Leaves on the trees are just starting to turn around Bidston Windmill, Bidston Hill, Wirral.
Looking across to Hilbre Island from Middle Eye as the tide comes in. On this day I only just made it across the rocks to Hilbre before the Island was cut off from the mainland, but it’s well worth the trip.
After an evening of frustrating skies and nothing really happening, the sun dropped below the horizon and suddenly turned the sky to a fiery red and pink glow behind Hilbre Island, the colour was incredible.
I love the bright green seaweed that sits on these rocks just off Middle Eye, they create a lovely leading line toward Hilbre Island.
This is an 18 shot exposure bracket and focus stack taken in the last few minutes before the sunset last night at West Kirby. Combining a focus stack and an exposure brackets is a new technique for me that takes a little time but boy does it deliver incredible sunsets!