Stormy Skies Bring the Drama

The sun shines through the warm brown thrift flowers that grow on the rocks at Hilbre Island on a warm but stormy summers evening.

If you ask any landscape photographer, would they like a blue sky day or a cloudy sky, almost everyone will choose the cloud, and why? because of the sheer drama it creates.

This week’s walkout to Hilbre was a perfect example, with rain forecast for the entire evening we set off with our fingers crossed just hoping to stay dry. What came to pass over the next 2 hours culminated in one of the most dramatic and beautiful skies of the summer so far. We started with dark grey clouds and stormy skies, watching the rainfall across the Welsh hills. Next, we saw patchy rainbows as the sun tried to break through. Finally the islands and grasses were painted with deep golden light, that only appears when the sun drops below deep black clouds.

Here’s a selection of shots from this week, and don’t forget, there are still places available on my photo walks and workshops right through to the autumn!

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