A walk around Another Place

The effects of depth of field with three very similar compositions of Anthony Gormley’s “Another Place”

I can’t believe it’s take me so long to go for a walk with my camera down on Crosby beach to explore Anthony Gormley’s “Another Place”.

For those that don’t know, back in 2005 Anthony Gormley’s art installation “Another Place” was put on temporary display on Crosby Beach. The artwork, 100 iron statues modelled after the artist himself, made their stay permanent in 2007 and have been braced against the tide ever since.

Over the years many of the statues sank into the mud with some disappearing altogether. This lead to an effort in 2019/20 to re-set some 50 statues, work that is still continuing due to delays from the COVID pandemic.

For this reason it’s now possible to view the artwork almost as it was back in 2005, just don’t try going out to the furthest figures as you’re likely to get stuck in the thick mud!

Here’s the rest of my shots from this week, I hope you like them!

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