Having Fun With Self Portraits

One of the most important things I feel, is to enjoy your photography and have some fun! One of the thing’s I’ve been trying a bit more frequently recently is to take some self portraits in the locations I visit. It’s great fun setting up the composition, working out where you need to be in the shot then setting the camera off in interval mode. Then it’s just the harder than you might expect challenge of running into your shot and getting into position. For every one shot that comes out there are hundreds that don’t but then thats the fun part.

For those that don’t know Interval mode on your camera can be used to set your camera to take a set number of photographs over a period of time. I usually set mine to take a shot every 2 seconds for about 500 shots. I never get that far but it means you don’t get into your shot then realise the camera has stopped taking the pictures!

Here’s my favourite self portraits, have you ever tried this technique? Let me know in the comments!

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