A Winters Arrowe Brook

With the freezing cold temperatures hitting the UK this week I decided to take a walk among the trees down by the brook at Arrowe Park. I’ve seen a few other Wirral Photographers taking shots of the waterfall and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do the same.

There is a beautiful waterfall hidden away in Arrowe Park, surrounded by rhodedendron but when full flowing it has a mystical feel. Today I found something extra special, as the water sprays off the rocks it freezes into icicles on the trees that hang over the water.

Just like everyone else I’m hoping the current restrictions ease soon so that I can go a little further afield, but for now I’ll keep on trying to find the little rays of light in these dark times.

1 thought on “A Winters Arrowe Brook

  1. Elaine+Bradshaw says:

    I love the colour along the top if the railings and the close up of the post 😍


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