Sunsets & Silted Sailboats at Sheldrakes

Hi Everyone, this week I decided to take my camera down to the shore at Lower Heswall near Sheldrakes. The shore here silted up many years ago and is strewn with beached yachts and boats in various states of disrepair. From brand new yachts moored ready for future high tides, to crushed and broken hulls sticking out of the mud.

It was also a chance to test out my new camera clip, the Peak Design Capture Camera Mount V3. This great little device attaches to your rucksack strap and allows your camera to hang on your chest nice and securely using the supplied Arca Swiss type mounting plate. The great thing about this is it means you don’t have to keep putting your camera back in the bag when you’re walking around. Once I’ve tried it out for a while I’ll write up a full review but for a first trip, it worked really well.

I also took the opportunity to have a little fun with the channels, setting up my camera on multi-shot mode taking 1 shot every 2 seconds to try and get a mid-air self portrait. I think the shot came out ok in the end, though it could have been better.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and looking forward to things opening up again later in the year.

1 thought on “Sunsets & Silted Sailboats at Sheldrakes

  1. Elaine+Bradshaw says:

    I love the captured light on the edge of the boat’s deck.


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