Well worth the 5 am alarm

When I woke, bleary-eyed to the sound of my alarm at 5 am, how could I have known the beauty I would be seeing only a couple of hours later?

If you’ve never climbed a mountain in the dark, let me tell you, the experience is incredible, but it’s one you need to prepare for as it’s not without its risks. Firstly you need to know the route you’re going to be walking, know the conditions are suitable and pack the right equipment too, especially a good head torch!

So as I got out of the car just before 7 am at Ogwen Cottage and looked up jealously at the head torch lights already halfway up the mountain I knew it was now all down to my legs! Fortunately, I’ve climbed many mountains, both in daylight and at night but one thing I’ve never seen before today was a cloud inversion!

Looking down over a cloud inversion that formed over Llyn Ogwen as seen from the slopes of Y Garn.

As the light started to slowly fill the valley and my eyes adjusted to the light, the cloud started to form over Llyn Ogwen creating one of the most beautiful sights in landscape photography, the Cloud Inversion. Now my photographer instincts kicked in, I needed a suitable foreground, something to point into the image towards the clouds and valley below.

I found two compositions, both with rock formations in the foreground leading the eye down into the valley below that I’m really proud of, they certainly made the early alarm worth it!

If you’ve never climbed a mountain in the dark and fancy having a go, why not check out my Easter weekend workshop? We’ll be heading out early to watch the sunrise over Snowdon, so why not join me, I promise, it’s an experience you’ll never forget! Full details here

For now, take a look at the rest of my shots from the day, including the incredible views from the top of Y-Garn itself.

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