Fly By Night


Greetings card featuring the artwork ‘Fly By Night’ available in 2 sizes, 10cm x 15cm and 12.5cm x 19cm printed to order.

For each product, I quality check the printed image to ensure it’s perfect before sending to you.

All products printed to order please allow 7-14 days for delivery.


This artwork consists of 8 large custom stained glass windows, set into the mouth of the tunnel opening. The windows meet the water edge, and appear to be permanently installed. The windows are made up of small panels of multi coloured acrylic, the panels are aligned along geometric patterns and break up towards the water’s edge evoking a sense of erosion. Set inside the tunnel are a series of powerful motorised lights that scan the windows from the back and slowly change hues. Suggesting to the audience a sensation that a train is passing through an underground tunnel.
Taken at the 2021 River of Light Trail, October 2021.
(Final prints do not feature watermarks)

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Large Greetings Card (12.5cm x 19cm), Small Greetings Card (10cm x 15cm)


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