Sunset at the Marine Lake

I feel these four photographs are a great example of how my photography has improved, especially over the last twelve months. This time last year I would never have been able to capture these shots let alone know how to edit them to get the best out of the shots.

I started before sunset scouting out angles and possible compositions round one end of the lake, then took a walk right round the lake wall returning to where I started once the sun set.

I love the colours of the sky, from purple through pink and bright blue contrasted with the straight dark lines of the Jetties, you really can find beauty right outside your door.

Looking out along a jetty that juts out into the Marine Lake, West Kirby as the setting sun turns the sky shades of purple blue and pink.
After trying a few different compositions I settled on this one framing the walkers on the lake wall with the railings. I love the way the lake water goes right through the frame to the stark silhouette of the walkers.
I adore the colours the setting sun creates, you can spend hours looking at a light blue featureless sky then bam out come the purples and pinks. Contrasted with the dark black jetty makes the colours really pop.
I love the dramatic shapes of the Jetty here on the Marine Lake, West Kirby. Coupled with the brooding purple, blue and pink sky created by the setting sun I think it created a really dramatic shot.

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