Autumn turns to Winter across the sands of Dee.

A walk across the sands from West Kirby to Hilbre Island is always a treat. From the soft yellow sand to the green moss-covered rocks and finally, the red sandstone rising up out of the sea that signifies you’ve arrived.

Well 2020 has certainly been a challenging year to say the least. Little did I know back in March how much the impending global pandemic would affect my photography.

Back in March I decided to spend some long needed time on the basics, get out and enjoy the outdoors and keep taking photographs. Boy has my ability improved over the summer, and there’s nothing like returning to a well-known spot to see the difference.

It’s strange how lockdowns and restrictions could have a positive effect but I think these shots from my most recent walk to Hilbre really show how far my photography has come this year. Not only am I now looking at the world differently (I see compositions everywhere…) but I’m able to capture what I see. From dramatic sunsets to misty woodland, sharp foregrounds and iconic landscapes.

So with a long COVID winter approaching, I’m going to keep looking out for the light in the dark, and when I see it, my camera will be ready. I hope my photographs are able to communicate just a little of the beauty I see around us every day and bring you as much joy as they do me.

But for now here’s my shots from earlier this week, one of my most productive days of the year!

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