A break in the clouds at Talacre

Every once in a while the weather forecast actually lines up with the conditions on the day!

If you’ve attended my photo walks, you’ll know that the weather is an unpredictable thing at times, at least from the point at which I book the routes. I can never be sure we’re going to get good shooting conditions, but fortunately this week we certainly did.

Leaving through driving rain on the Wirral, clinging to my forecast that was telling me the clouds would break by sunset, I was delighted to see that my forecast was correct and a beautiful golden sunset lay ahead.

I’m often asked what I use for weather forecasts, being by the coast it’s really important to get the best information possible before setting off. I use 3 main apps to check the weather –

  • Ventusky is great for checking cloud cover with its detailed interactive maps and iv viewable through the browser.
  • Clear Outside – a great app with lots of detailed stats about cloud height, rain likelihood, it takes a bit to get used to but is one of my go-to apps.
  • Windy – Another great way to view cloud cover, direct and wind speeds.

Also a quick mention of the Tide Times app, as it’s extremely important to make sure you know exactly what the tide is doing if you’re at the coast, especially at this time of year.

Thanks to some great weather a brisk breeze and some beautiful skies we had a great time dow at Talacre, you can check out my latest shots below.

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