Exploring Dorothea Quarry, Caernarfon

I had a lovely cold wintry walk around the remains of Dorothea Quarry in Caernarfon North Wales last week.

It’s incredible how much this site sprawls across the countryside. Huge flooded quarry pits, slate building remains and towering slate constructions now crumbling away after years of neglect.

Dorothea Quarry was in operation from the early 1800’s through to the 1970’s proving slate to North Wales. It’s now a sprawling unstable area with flooded lakes and crumbling buildings.

A popular site for divers looking for the flooded remains of hundreds of cars beneath the lake waters; the site however is not a safe one. There have been many deaths in the flooded pits here, with the main lake earning the nickname the “Pool of Death”; a sobering thought.

I love the contrast of the dark grey slate against the blue skies and green foliage that’s taking over now the site is disused. Though you have to watch your step, there are sheer cliffs all over the place with very cold water waiting if you misplace your step!

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