Free Hoylake Beach Sunset Walk

The sun lights the clouds behind Hoylake promenade in bright pink and deep blue on a late summers evening.

A relaxing walk across the sands off Hoylake.

The most laid back of my routes, just sand, sea and beautiful sunsets.

This walk is a perfect opportunity to explore the huge open space that is Hoylake beach. This route goes out to meet the sea and finishes watching the sunset from Red Rocks.

Upcoming Photography Walks on Hoylake Beach

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The Route

The route is a simple one, we set off from the slipway at Beach Road and walk almost straight out across the sand until we hit the tide at the edge of the sandbank. We’ll follow the tide along towards Hilbre Island then head back inland towards Red Rocks to watch the sunset itself.

Finally we return along the shore to our starting point at Beach Road. A leisurely walk with beautiful views of Hoylake, Hilbre Island and on a good day, the North Wales Coast.

We’ll talk about compositions & camera settings to get interesting shots even when it feels like there’s nothing to see. A perfect introduction to photography at sunset.

So whether it’s your first time picking up a camera or you know every setting in detail we’ll find great shots together as the sun sets.

* *Free Neon Light Photowalks are offered for no upfront fee, all I ask is that participants consider paying whatever they feel the walk was worth to them at the end of the walk with no expectation. I’ll never pressure you to tip; I believe that, if money is given, it should be voluntary and in direct proportion to the quality of the walk and the budget of those attending. It’s a kind of satisfaction guarantee, if you don’t enjoy the walk, just walk away, no questions asked.