Frequently Asked Questions

The walk is Free, why are you asking for a tip?

Although I provide the walks for no upfront fee I do have my own costs and need to earn a living too. I have found that this gratuity based system allows all participants to decide the value of the walk to themselves with no expectation. If you are unhappy with the walk you can of course choose to not give anything at the end, but I hope that you will enjoy the walk and be happy to give something to me at the end.

Can I bring my dog on one of your walks?

In most cases yes, though I discourage attendees from bringing dogs. the only reason for this is that not everyone is comfortable with dogs and I want all participants to enjoy the walk equally. Dogs must be kept on a lead on and around Hilbre Island to protect the local wildlife.

Do I need to Pre-Book?

My free walks, especially Hilbre Island walks are very popular so it important to book your place as early as you can to avoid disappointment. Walks that have no space are shown as Sold Out on my upcoming events page. However I often get last minute cancellations so please contact me if you want me to add you to a reserve list for a night that is fully booked.

I’m a member of a photography group, can we book a sunset walk en-masse?

My free walks are designed to give a range of people the opportunity to enjoy a walk together along with others of various standards, also as I am offering them for no upfront fee there is a greater risk for me if a group books but then for whatever reason does not attend. For these reasons, I don’t accept group bookings for my free photo walks.
If your group would like to book their own photography walk I am more than happy to run one of my existing routes just for your group at £20pp up to a maximum group size of 10. If you are interested in this option please get in touch. Exclusive group walks have a minimum requirement of 4 people and can be secured with a £50 deposit.

What happens if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel a booking please click the cancel link in your booking confirmation email or click here to contact me. To help cover my costs of late cancellations that I am often unable to fill I ask those cancelling to consider a £5 donation, details of this can be found in the cancellation email.

Is it safe to walk across the beach after dark?

In short yes, we walk the coastguard approved routes and I always ensure that every walk is planned with plenty of time before the high tide to ensure we are never at risk of getting cut off.

I’ve heard there is sinking sand on the beach?

That’s correct there are areas of sinking and shifting sands on the beach at West Kirby / Hoylake, but my routes keep well away from these areas, always sticking to the coastguard approved routes.

I only have a phone, I don’t have a dedicated camera are the walks for me?

Yes most definitely. I have designed my walks to be open to all skill levels and equipment. Free walks are about the walk first and foremost, with the photography coming a close second.

I’m an experienced photographer, what will I get out of the walks?

There are two key things I feel other photographers gain from a Neon Light photo walk – seeing the world through another photographers eye, and visiting a new location with an experienced guide who knows the best spots to shoot.

How strenuous are your routes?

The longest free photography walk I run is 5 miles taking about 3 hours. There are plenty of opportunities along the way to relax and take photos. It is important however that all participants are fit and able to walk the entire route and it is the responsibility of each participant to check they are able to complete the walk before they begin.