Sunrise @ Bidston Windmill & Woodlands

Watch the rising sun over the Mersey & Liverpool as we explore Bidston common at daybreak.

We start in the dark with head-torches, following old woodland paths together as the first light begins to stream through the trees. As the day breaks we’ll look for compositions around the Windmill on the hill before heading down past the old observatory and lighthouse.

We’ll take in the views across the river to Liverpool and talk long exposure, tripods & filters as well as woodland compositions all in a couple of hours.

And all this before 10am – Come on, 7am isn’t that early!

As with all my free workshops, there’s no upfront fee, all I ask is that you consider giving a tip at the end.

*Free Neon Light Photowalks are offered for no upfront fee, all I ask is that participants consider giving whatever they feel the walk was worth to them at the end of the walk with no expectation. I’ll never pressure you to tip; I believe that, if money is given, it should be voluntary and in direct proportion to the quality of the walk and the budget of those attending. It’s a kind of satisfaction guarantee, if you don’t enjoy the walk, just walk away, no questions asked. I am often asked what is a suitable amount to tip, as this is a personal choice I can only tell you that most people choose to give between £5-£20 dependant on how much they enjoy the event and how much value they feel they receive from the walk. 

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