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A Sobering Day in Ogwen Valley

Walking in the hills and climbing mountains always carries a certain amount of risk, it can be incredibly rewarding, but being prepared and knowing your limits is the best way

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Beautiful Hilbre Nights

It’s been great getting back out to Hilbre over the last few weeks, especially this Easter Week. I love watching the seasons change here, from the cold blustery winters to

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Wirral Egg Run 2022

I’ve watched the Wirral Charity Egg run rumble past for years but never really thought to head out with my camera, but decided this was the year to change that.

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Photowalks & Light Shows

I’ve had a great couple of months to start of 2022, with my Photowalks continuing into new locations and situations. I thought I’d round the month up into a best

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Playing with Rivers of Light

We’re so lucky in this City, with beautiful architecture and an incredible setting for public art. Nothing shows this off as well as the now annual “River Of Light Festival”

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