A Winter Stroll through Dibbinsdale

20th January 2020 0

A hidden Gem, the Dibbinsdale Nature reserve is a beautiful wetland nature reserve nestled between Spital & Bromborough. With marsh beds, a river, boardwalk, St Patricks Well and tunnels under the railway its an amazingly beautiful space. I had a lovely time wandering around the footpaths with the winter sun beaming down through the trees.…

By Liam

Stormy Weather

14th December 2019 0

Days like today are always fun, a storm rolling in and a high tide always makes for dramatic shots. Unfortunately the wind wasn’t quite right today so there were less splashes and dramatic scenery than I would have liked but I still got some nice shots despite the weather.

By Liam

Rushes and Reeds

11th December 2019 0

I took a lovely walk down along the coast near Parkgate this week as the sunset, I love the way the light plays with the reeds and it gave me the opportunity to take some of my favourite types of shots – into the sun.

By Liam

Liverpool at Christmas

8th December 2019 0

I love walking round cathedrals and the streets of Liverpool at this time of the year, and today was no exception. From the beautiful lighting in the Catholic cathedral to a festive doorways and Christmas trees, I hope you like the shot’s I was able to get.

By Liam

Bidston Windmill

8th November 2019 0

Today I took an autumn stroll across Bidston hill up to the windmill and across to the observatory. You get great views across to Liverpool from up here and the old Windmill is an iconic Wirral sight to photograph.

By Liam